1200m Kahles DLR Competition Days 29.-30.08.2019

Finally, after competing mainly at regional long range competitions throughout Slovakia, we put ourselves to the test against some of Europe’s finest dynamic and tactical shooters at the Kahles Dynamic Long Range Challenge 2019, held at the ARWT Military Shooting Range in Felixdorf, Austria. Over the course of two days 58 shooters compete against each other at 8 stages with targets at distances between 400m and 1200m.

Our competition rifle is a Sako Tikka T3x in 6.5 Creedmoor with KRG Whiskey Gen 4 Chassis, Kahles K624i Scope, Spuhr Mount and Atlas Bipod. The 6.5 Creedmoor has neither the range nor the punch of the .338 Lapua Magnum, but with a lot of positional shooting going on and the need to recover fast after each shot, it is a very solid choice.

All 7 stages on Day 1 have a very strict time limit of 2:00 minutes which includes setting up your shooting position, ranging several targets at unknown distances and engaging them quickly. At one stage we need to remember by heart a certain sequence in which we have to engage the targets, at another we sit in set of truck tires, filled with water. The longest shots we have to make are at 1200m in slightly windy conditions.

Day 2 falls short with only one more stage consisting of 5 tasks at a 400m paper target. Two of those tasks include shooting at a black dot for holding reference with the true (and invisible) target positioned at a known distance below or beside and above the holding dot. The final task was to hit a 1 MOA dot with 3 shots within 15 seconds, but without knowing when the start signal will be given. In the end all shooters have to remain in prone shooting position and focused on target for more than 40 minutes before the signal is given. A very nice twist to the otherwise quite stressful stages and an excellent chance to observe the always changing mirage.

In the end we manage to place 12th out of 58 shooters and being the best placed among all Austrian shooters has a nice ring to it. The top three spots were all secured by Russian T-Class shooters, so their long journey certainly paid off.

Since this was an invitational event, thanks a lot to the staff over at Kahles for giving us the chance to participate and for organizing such a unique event. It was not allowed to take any pictures on the military shooting range, so check out the official Kahles Instagram Account for some impressions.